Once, a boy prayed to the God, “Please give me a life partner ” … Then God sent an old lady with warts on her nose … the boy was shocked and said, “no God, for heaven sake, she must be beautiful ” … So the God sent world’s most beautiful girl to him and he was very happy …

However, that girl said, “Oh God! I wanted a Prince, what is this?” … then God get confused and said, “This boy is a prince on the INSIDE, I didn’t know you meant OUTSIDE” … God began to feel angry and sent the boy a beautiful girl who is corrupt inside. And sent the girl a handsome guy who is also corrupt inside. Then they were pleased …..

After 2 months, both couples got ruined their lives and asked God, “What did you do to us ?” … That time God was really sad and he had only one last choice. He sent them 2 monkeys !!!

How to become God?

Do you want to become a God? Yes you can, but this is not about religious matter. This is one of methods that I use to get happiness in life. It is simple!

Let say you see a small kid who wants to eat something. Just donate your food or some food from a shop. But never donate money for a kid. It is a bad idea, because kids don’t know how to manage money. So, when you donate him food, you feel something you cannot take for money. And the kid will say, “He is a god!, He gave me food”.

It is not about poor or rich people. You can donate for a rich person and get that happiness. Let say, there is someone who is alone in a jungle. That one can be a rich person but his/her mobile phone is dead. So, you can donate your phone and get that happiness. You help someone when they really need you. It is the easiest way to become a god!

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