Girl! Train is gone !!!

Train is gone

The pretty girl was late for the train. She took the backpack and started to run for the train. While she is in run, she prayed to the god, “God please stop the train for me” …

A miracle happened! She saw, there is another train in station. And somebody said, it is an express train that goes to another country. She was afraid to take that train. She knew the normal train is late and she can catch it easily. So she sat on the bench and was watching at that express train. Then someone came to her,

” Madam, this train leaves soon. It has one empty seat. Would you like to take it? It is a first class seat but we can offer it for normal fee.”

She was surprised. But she was curious about that train too. She started to think ” why this man offer it for normal fee?”. She was silent and the man was worried about her. Then suddenly another pretty girl came to the man and just asked ” sir, can I have a seat in this train?” …

The second girl took the seat and started to fly. First girl took the normal train after while. It was bumpy, uncomfortable, dirty. Her seat was broken also. Then she prayed to the god, ” oh dear god, please give me another seat ”

Then god says “Girl … This whole train is broken. Your next seat also will be dirty. I am sorry, I tried to give you the best I can offer.”

The god says,

Dear girl, I did everything to show you the right train. The train must leave ASAP. It can fill the empty seat in next station easily. I can do nothing if the train is gone …

Be your own boss

be your own boss

Do you want to be your own boss? I hope my article will help you to find out more tips and tricks. I started my online business 2013 with my Canadian friend and now I have 73,000+ clients all over the world. Millions of visitors everyday to my websites. I became my own boss before I get my 30th birthday. But it was not beautiful!

I failed exams. I was unable to take a Degree from University. I just got a Higher National Diploma as a Mechanical Engineer. But all the time I was failed. I changed everything after my 22th Birthday. I decided to learn English. I decided to start a small business while I study. I made a customer-base myself. Here is my tip #1.

Do not start selling products, sell services

Why? If you start your own business as a seller, you will need more money to buy products, or to do production. Let say you are in Europe, and you want to Import apparel products from Asia. There are so many variables you have to determine.

  1. Exchange rates and Government Taxes. (South Asia is badly corrupted now)
  2. Supplier’s cost and their Quality. Quality must be superb.
  3. Shipping charges and the time it takes.
  4. Your local storages and capacity to sell.
  5. Local buyers or sales persons you have. Their salaries if so.
  6. Rent and bills in shops if you sell yourself.

Just look at the above. So if you start this kind of business, you need more money. I recommend you must have good investors. Also, you must have rainy day funds. Why? Global financial flow is not steady all the time. People’s buying ability is changing time to time. As I know, there is a financial down time after every 10 years. So you must study economy yourself. I am not talking about theories. I mean, you must learn everything practically.

If you are a beginner, please do not start selling without having someone specialist in that field. But you can become a Service Provider easily.

I started my small business as a Service Provider. I just visited house to house and repaired their computers. To do that, I didn’t need more money. Just travelling and phone bills. Sometime, I had chance to sell them computers. But all the time I was a Service Provider. I worked hard to provide my service. Everyday I got happy customers who returned me again and again. Then I made a steady income and I invested those money to buy Tools & Equipments to my business. Same time I developed software and sold those for a better price. From 2009-2013, I had so many bad times. I was alone and I faced all problems myself. But I never gave up my dream !!!

Never take decisions from Heart

To be your own boss, you have to forget your heart. People are tricky. When you are a boss, you meet so many people. Do not look at them using heart. Be logical. And, keep friends close and enemies closer!

What you need to become a Real boss

  1. A Dream. You must have a dream, goal. Else, be a slave to someone.
  2. Communication. Talk to everyone. Do not measure people from appearance or voice. Obama is black. Einstein was unable to speak in his childhood. Never judge someone within few hours. Watch them carefully and catch the one you want. Do not use text messages in serious conversation. Always use video calls. You cannot see emotions via text. And, specially most of the businessmen think too fast. Learn how to be fast.
  3. Not money, the best quality. Do not look after profit. Ali Baba website did no profit for their first 2 years. But they kept their quality. Amazon had minimum 5 years of bad time.
  4. Be a Rock. You will face a lot of storms. If you are sensitive, you cannot face them. So be a rock. But never forget that you are human too. Be cheerful always. Because, you can release your stress using a silly joke.
  5. Multi-Tasking. Read books. Listen to the music. Play something. Plan every night. Use a note book. Do some Yoga, or go to the Gym if you are a male. But never exceed your alcohol limit. Maximum 1 glass of wine per day. Your brain cells must be alive until you die.
  6. Contacts. You won’t believe how many contacts I have. But let me say, I have strong contacts in Canada, US, Malaysia, India, Australia, Sweden, England, Romania, Israel, Turkey, China, South Korea, and Indonesia. I just need only Visa to fly and can spend like my own country. They are not just contacts. They are backup for our life. So make contacts. Everyday!
  7. Mental Relaxation. What the heck is that? It must be another topic. I will write it in another day.


Tools that you have to collect

  1. General knowledge about computers and Internet.
  2. Knowledge about Law Suits in the world.
  3. Financial knowledge and basic Taxing system.
  4. Human resource management.
  5. Astrology! [It is a tool that you can predict your time-line. If you think it is a crap, please do not follow.]

Please leave a comment if you like my article. Then I can write more for you!