Born On The Wrong Side

Few days ago, one of my employees called me and complained,

Sir, I am trying to invite Europeans to join with our website. I used our Sri Lankan address and Nobody replied my emails. Then, I used our Canadian business address and the result was completely positive. Why is that? Are we Born On The Wrong Side?

I studied this incidence since 2012. Once, South Asian region was under Portuguese people. Then Dutch came to here and finally English. There were some bad/good results after this. I am not talking about it right now, I just want to tell you how people judge us without looking at our soul.

One Simple Thing we must understand

There are people who have a narrow mind. They just judge people by looking at the external appearance. Let say you have a brown skin and a short body. Then you meet a tall woman with blond hair. She is from Sweden and you just greet her with a “Hi”.

  1. If she is narrow minded >>> She will look at you with evil eyes. And ask “Why?”
  2. If she is open minded >>> She will reply, “Hey, how is going on?” with a cute smile.

If you meet that narrow minded Swedish woman, you will ask millions of questions from your heart. Why she react like that? Am I brown? Short? What’s wrong with my English?

If you meet that open minded woman, she will tell you how handsome you are. How smart you are. How you have to grow in this worst world. You will start loving her like a Sister. And she will never leave you!

So, understand this thing. There are 2 kind of people. If you call narrow people, no matter where they live, they will reply you nothing. They will judge your outside with their stupid mentality. Do not waste your energy for these people. There are 7 billions people and I am sure more than 3 billions are open minded.

Good Europeans are everywhere

I have met a lot of Europeans who have a great heart. I remember a European girl who I met few months ago. She was really kind to say “Thank you” even she were with problems. I don’t know how she is doing right now. But I know she will be successful one day. Because I didn’t want to hear that “Thank you” from her at that time. What I try to highlight is, there are people who is not judgmental. They will openly reply you at right time without focusing your physical appearance.

I heard people say, Romanians are not good. But I say, every country has bad people, Even in Sri Lanka. Please do not connect the country name with bad people’s name. Bad are bad, Good are good. A Romanian family became my everything after all. They are good people. You will never know how they loves me!

My Final Answer

If we were born in a silicon valley, we might become billionaires very quickly, because we have all resources that our brain needs. But, look at the positive side. We are born in a region where spiritual stuff comes first before the material stuff. Ohh… there are stupid sellers who sell spirituality for money. Just google and you will find a lot of Indian, Sri Lankan cheaters who say,

” I will fix your all problems, I will make you rich, I am the messenger of the God! ”

When you see this kind of websites, advertisements, keep this in mind. Any spiritual guru, never charge you money to give his/her advises. Money is another physical thing in this material world. I have few teachers who teach me spiritual lessons for free. When I am going to pay them, they say,

“I don’t need money. Donate them to poor people. Follow my lesson and share it with others”

born on wrong side

Now I feel how lucky I am. There are Europeans, North Americans  who spend thousands of dollars to get spiritual lessons from Asia. Among them, a lot of people get cheated by Internet traps. They lose their money because they are born on the wrong side. They fly here to see the light and I am living in front of the candle of spirituality. I have a lot of temples around me. I have a lot of spiritual gurus around me. I have to pay nothing to collect stuff for my afterlife.

More billionaires from Silicon Valley visited India. Why? they know they have to face their afterlife. They try to find their spiritual happiness. Then look at me. Temple is 100m away from me. Can you see how rich I am?

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