Bulk Business Booster for your busy life!

Bulk Business Booster is one of my greatest products. I spent over 6 months to complete the structure of website. Anyway, now it is on the top of Internet. Here I will introduce you its amazing features.


Your must be busy with your business

Normally, businessmen are very busy. They have no time to think about IT related stuff. Specially, they cannot deal with their website. But the website is the main source of Free Advertising. Don’t you know?

  • A website can bring clients to your business FREE!
  • A website can promote your business FREE!
  • A website can keep your business alive 24/7 FREE!

But how do you create your website? you can hire a professional web developer by paying over $1000 contract fee. Or you can rent a junior web developer for $200. But we know it is time consuming too.

Bulk Business Booster Will Do All For You

Bulk is simple platform with huge features. You just have to spend only 2-3 minutes and the staff will do everything for you. Specially, Google will index your business within 1 week. It is simple like 123.

Just Google Langway Institute,  http://langway.bu.lk is on top and it is the official website of that institute. They used Bulk Business Booster to boost their business.

Do not worry about price. Just $9.99 USD per year!

My main target was to help startup businesses. And also small/medium businesses too. Therefore, I was researching various methods to cut the cost and finally I found the answer. $9.99 USD fee will be the best price for a startup business, because they don’t need big servers. My design save the bandwidth of server. So, the website can handle a big traffic. Anyway, startup businesses get only 5-100 visitors per day.

You can check my creation by clicking here. And please do not forget to share it with your friends!

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