I am not with Alexamaster

My dear friends. It is a long story but I will write it very briefly here. On 2013, I created a software to generate website traffic and named it as Dilantha’s AlexaMaster software. I started it with a Chinese friend who is known as Rose. Rodica joined me also same time. After few months, we opened a company named, Rodee Web Design & Services. Rodica and I are partners in this company. Continue reading

Alexa Master Fans!

Dilantha With a Bicycle

Farewell My Alexa Master Fans! I’m writing this because I am too tired of being a PHP developer. I didn’t go to school to learn Programming, I never passed out a Computer Degree. But I loved computers since I am 17. We were poor and my father didn’t have money to buy¬† even a small computer. He was passing bad days because her first wife and my mother had been kicked his ass tighter. He was pissed off there, Either I am. Continue reading