The reality of being a human

Somebody will come to you, will use you and will get things from you. So be nice to them and never ask any help from them. But sooner you will realize that they have destroyed your things.

Do not question !!! Just watch they are playing with your humanity and kindness. Because, this material world has no value, but do not stop counting on them.

When the time is right, EXECUTE them like pressing Ctrl+Del

Once, a boy prayed to the God, “Please give me a life partner ” … Then God sent an old lady with warts on her nose … the boy was shocked and said, “no God, for heaven sake, she must be beautiful ” … So the God sent world’s most beautiful girl to him and he was very happy …

However, that girl said, “Oh God! I wanted a Prince, what is this?” … then God get confused and said, “This boy is a prince on the INSIDE, I didn’t know you meant OUTSIDE” … God began to feel angry and sent the boy a beautiful girl who is corrupt inside. And sent the girl a handsome guy who is also corrupt inside. Then they were pleased …..

After 2 months, both couples got ruined their lives and asked God, “What did you do to us ?” … That time God was really sad and he had only one last choice. He sent them 2 monkeys !!!