Finally she lost her phone

In dreams, I have seen her dozens times. We had chat, we had hugs, we had romantic times. After, while she got disappeared. The whole day, I was thinking about her. But  she never came to me, until 23/Feb/2017.

I am not joking here with you. It is real and I said, “Wow, I found her !”. At that time, I was chatting with my last life Mom, Rodica. She was talking a lot, coz she was missing me for a long time. I was listening to her speech but the eyes and brain was watching at the one who I loved for a long time.

That Ashram was lighten with her beautiful face. And, she was discussing something with her friends. I hope she was talking about spiritual stuff and I know she wants to know the truth in this life. She didn’t speak too much but was listening carefully. I know she never knew that I was watching at her. And I know she is not kind of woman who needs something for fun. That, dessert rose was five meters away from me. My head was praying, “God! I need (not want) her”. For what? I want to share my thoughts with her and listen to what she have been through.

After while she left the place and I felt, “Hmmm … I am not a trouble maker … I wanna make a friendship but, I never trouble people. Even I don’t know who she is … Let her go …

Rodica and I was talking and after 30-40 minutes, that european candle lighten up in front of me with a SAD MOOD … “You guys saw my mobile phone?” she didn’t directly look at me but she asked the question. Then we started a little FAQ session,

“When did you use it? What kind of phone? did you try ringing? What kind of phone?”

She was answering softly, “I don’t remember, it is an iPhone. It was silent”. Yes, she was exactly sounding like helpless. But one thing caught my IT brain. “It is an iPhone”

I am a lover of Apple and I had my iPad, McBook, all with me. I offered her to have my McBook and try Find My iPhone. Wow, It was in Ashram but we cannot see.

I don’t wanna tell the story. I am not ok with what happened to her. I wanna write what I have in my head and release my blocked feelings. She was like a princess without a prince in a dessert. But, who knows? she might be a married woman. She might have a boy friend. that was not my problem at that time. Because, I love her so much and I must protect her. I know what can be done with a stolen mobile phone. So I looked everywhere. I merged a satellite map with iCloud map and I saw where the phone lives exactly.

“It’s ok, It’s gone. I will lock my phone. Just forget it!”, that mermaid whispered like a baby girl.

“Hey sweetheart … never give up! never give up!” I screamed in my inside but was very silly to share my thought with her. I said, I know the exact location, I will find out the phone.

The ashram was on a rock and it was hot at that time. I never knew it can burn my legs. I just wanted to help my favorite girl and decided to walk to find out phone.

“Ohh she joined me!!!” … “Don’t you wear your slippers?” she just asked but I was in hurry. A stolen phone can be disappeared within few minutes. So I must look after it. I walked without shoes and I got burnt my legs.

I wanted to ask a millions of questions. But I was scared. What do you do when you meet someone who you love in dream? Want to share my feelings but. but … She is helpless and not in good mood. So I just ask few questions. I am not a female hunter. I am someone who cares female more. So I walked with her more by asking small questions that didn’t hurt her more. She was a Snow White and I am a  jungle boy. I have been in dust, hot a lot. But she?

she is coming from snowy lands (not snowy at all). I asked her to take a cover from Sun. But that dusty wind flushed our bodies at that hot evening. Hmmm …. we found exact location but didn’t find the phone. I am a tourist and she will be in that Ashram for 21 days. So I never tried to struggle with anyone to find out her phone. It’s not about my safety. If something happened to me, there are more than 10 honest powerful people who look after me. But that sweet flower has nobody here. So, I decided to give it up.

I offered her to use one of my mobile phone but she rejected. may be she don’t wanna trouble anyone. she finally went to get her lunch. I didn’t feel eating anymore. Why? I feel so worried about her.

After while she came to me. “Thank you very much for helping!”. I really got wordless. I was stuck. When I see her face my words are not coming out too fast. May be my whole body works too fast.

Finally, she lost her phone. Somebody took her phone. She took my heart. Oneday, before I die I will show this to you _o_ica. Thanks for reading this. I was enjoying that short time a lot. I wish you all the best in your life and I will always be loving you. I might be a stranger to you. But you are not! I felt we know each other in previous life. So, I have an empty seat, an empty room. Here I invite you to fill it if you like a friend more into spiritual thoughts. Otherwise, I have my backpack and I will travel back 🙂 God will always blessed you!!

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