Fort Canning Park

fort canning parkFort Canning Park, It was my first tour to another country. Singapore! Wow it was amazing. Their government know how to govern the things perfectly. I was amazed, because they copied Sri Lanka once. But now, the stupid ministers, and GOV members create a big mess in Sri Lanka. Anyway this is not the time for complains.

fort canning park

It was around 9.00 AM when I get out from Changi Air Port. I was completely shocked because It is a well developed country. Happily, I am computer guy. I learned everything within few hours. My first day in Singapore was in this park. Hmm … I was talking to my Korean friend by sitting on a bench. She said, “Dude … finally you went our from your country”

Anyway, this can be nothing for someone. But to me, this is one of my greatest memory. I wish I had a woman with me 🙁

fort canning park fort canning park fort canning park fort canning park fort canning park

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