Game Potha 2.0 is launched!

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Game Potha is Sri Lanka’s #1 software platform to handle Grama Niladharies daily work load. It is in sinhalese and runs on any windows computer. I launched version 2.0 on July 2013 and now it is growing very fast.


Advantages of Game Potha 2.0

  • Adding current district and “Pradeshiya Lekam Kottashaya” with five “Grama Niladhari Wasam” and more than 120 Villages.
  • Adding more details about Grama Sevaka (User).
  • Adding “Gruha Mulika” details with important data fields (Some Example: Resources, Properties, Aids, Structure, Location, Cultivation, Vehicle, with their sub categories).
  • Adding people details with important data fields (Some Example: Marriage, Family members, Education, Income, Job, Disabilities, Situation, Government aids, Currently residing address, with their sub categories).
  • Adding provided services, and daily working as a note (Some Example: Police Reports, “Adayam vartha”, “Liyapadinchiya sanatha kireema”, ”Padinchiya hara yama”, etc)
  • Adding future events, important meetings, and other for the scheduled list.
  • Search history and future events using various keywords. (I.e. Date, Event Name, etc)
  • Powerful houses, people, work list with user friendly sorting methods.
  • Updating & removing feature for every field.
  • High quality graphical Icons and photos.
  • Summarize area situation comparing added data.
  • Analyze Houses, People. (I.e Population, Income, Resources, Properties, Cultivation, etc.)
  • Search people and houses using various keywords. (I.e. Name, Address, National ID Number, Phone, Age, Aids, etc)
  • Print every report using any local printer or networked printer.
  • Import reports to the web, or e-mail easily.
  • Everything is in Sinhala. So easy to understand.
  • 24/7 Data protection & customer care.
  • This everything takes only few seconds!


Nowadays, computer technology is rising rapidly. So most people use computer software to do their job. Game Potha is the best software for Grama Niladharies. Just visit, Game Potha website and download it free.


Game Potha 2.0 – Download Link

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