Girls are not Toys Dude!

Girls are not Toys

Really girls are not toys. Let me tell you this story. Normally, I spend 30-60 minutes in play-ground everyday. Today, I saw a couple and I heard they are fighting badly. A young couple, the girl was crying and the boy was shouting at her. I was worried about them but I didn’t involve. But I started to think deeper.

Girls have a painful life

I don’t have a wife or a girl friend. But I do know one thing. Girls take the painful part of this material world. Every month, they are passing some bad days which make them too tired. We can call it as periods. As male people, we do not know how it feels. But I guess they may feel a bad pain during this period. Even they can go crazy during this time. If you really love a woman, try to understand her cycle, but never remind her about it. Just try to make her smile. And never think they are helpless. They are strong like us. But with different mentality.

Having sex is not so fun

In this world, nature controls so many things. Some animal needs only food and sex. But as human, we have wisdom to understand these protocols. Unfortunately, some people misunderstand the love and the lust. I have seen so many young couples who got broken after few months. After that, the boy calls the girl as a Whore, and the boy become a Hero. This is really stupid. Some people think, sleeping with women is a great job. My personal view is different. I believe, the sex is a beautiful thing between husband and wife. But as lovers, they must have some policies. I do not have rights to advise you. Personally, I will never touch a woman, if I cannot trust her deeply. And specially, boys must know the girl handles the painful part in sex. If you cannot respect that, then I am sure you will get broken your affair/marriage very soon.

Even pregnancy is painful

A father never can become a mother. A woman has to carry her baby for 10 months. Can you imagine how much painful it is? No we cannot. We do not know. That’s why we are men and we must protect our women. I remember my father slapped my mother’s face. That time I was a kid but I felt how my mother felt that. They fought each other over 13 years in front of me. And I understood why we must respect women. Shouting at a woman is a stupid thing that a man can be done in his whole life. You must have skills to explain a woman what right or wrong. But never force her to follow you. She has her own soul even you are soul-mates.

Please guys, Girls are not Toys!

Your girl can be quarrelsome. But who decided to love her? You did and learn how to respect her. You started something you can never leave. So do not kill that living thing in stupid way. Be single like me If you cannot find the right one, but do not hurt a woman. It is very awful !!!

Being single is better than breaking someone’s heart 🙂

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