Infotel exhibition and our future!

infotel exibition

Infotel exhibition sucks and It realized the stupidity of Sri Lanka’s government sector. Yes! it is the truth and final conclusion that I have to say.

First time I allocated my valuable time for infotel exhibition

I was coding all the time and I got a good company. Rodica and I opened a great market for web developers. But as I always needed, I tried to help my country. Once, I made a “Grama Niladhari” software named Game Potha. The government never wanted to help it. They worked with stupid projects that made huge problems in Government sector. They never saw the real opportunity in this country.

I decided to invest my money and time for Infotel exhibition with my product. Rodica advised me to keep working for our International products. I didn’t listen to her. I participated Infotel exhibition in 2016. This is the stupid experience I ever had.

Sri Lankans are Light years away from the real IT industry

This is the end of IT. We call this time as the evolution of DT (Data Technology). What I saw in Infotel exhibition is really mad. They said there will be 100,000+ visitors, but as we counted, there were only 10,000+. And they said it is Sri Lanka’s biggest IT exhibition. If it is, then god bless Sri Lanka’s future!

Where is foreign sector IN infotel exhibition ?

Hahaha … funny! Do you think Apple, Google or anyone will like to invest here? with this childish government? Never. God bless Sri Lanka again!

I am not unhappy with infotel exhibition

Because, I found few contacts who are experts in technology. Now I am going to contact them. The funniest thing is, they are same like me. They take risks and work hard to grow their business. Everyone can complain, but only few can combine those complains together to find the opportunity in the market.

infotel exhibition

Special Thanks To!

  1. Rodica Grecu
  2. Kasun Suchira and his awesome crew
  3. Aruna Prasad & Shazin
  4. Dinesh Surnga and others!
  5. FITIS team who tried to provide their best service!

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