NATO countries visa and immigration process

NATO Countries Visa

NATO Countries Visa and the refusals happens for good people because the measurements are unfair for South Asian entrepreneurs when they deal with NATO countries, specially for business conferences, meetings, exhibitions.

NATO Countries Visa

Once the president of United States called some countries as $hit-hole countries as you remember. Keep it noted but do not involve him with this post. Now I am not talking about politics but going to talk about Immigration Rules in NATO countries visa.

Canadian Business Visa 2015

My first visa request was to Canada and I was 27 at that time. One of my friends who were a smart lawyer helped me to submit the visa and as he checked, my documents were fine. But there was one single problem with me. It is, I have my own startup business and I spent my all money to grow it. My business partner is in Canada and I really wanted to meet her and build some technical stuff their to help our websites. So I requested visa and they refused by telling “There is no business to do in Canada for you!”

I was so sad because I lost the opportunity to grow my startup business but I never gave up. I kept working on my business and slowly grew some areas.

Turkish Business Visa 2016

My company was selected for StartUp Istanbul and I requested visa to participate it. There was an interview and I explained them why I am going there. But after 2-3 weeks, they refused me without a proper reason. So I lost another business opportunity and lost my time and money also!

French Business Visa 2017

My company was selected for WebSummit and my company spent more money to be there. It is the largest IT conference and I dreamed a lot to meet new investors there. The embassy of France refused my visa and they said they are not sure that I will come back to my home.

So I tried again within 2-3 weeks because I was hurry to participate that conference. But they refused again. I was guilty and helpless. But I really wanted to know what the heck this curse is.

Canadian Business Visa 2018

My business is getting well day by day and I wanted to meet my business partner again in this year. Normally, she visits me and this time she was so busy.  So I applied my visa and that smart visa officer refused me by telling so many reasons for the refusal. But after comparing all 5th refusals, they have highlighted my issues shown below,

  • I have less than 2000 USD monthly income.
  • My business is small and it has a low income.
  • I am the only kid in family and I am single.
  • I have not visited a NATO country before.

But main thing is, I am not a bad guy. I am a person who work hard to build my business. I always wanted short time visa. If I wanted to runaway from my country, I have many ways and never go through tourist visa. But I don’t wanna say I am smart, just wanna say I am having an unfair situation.

NATO countries VISA system has a common Database

nato countries visa

The problem comes here. They have networked, computerized everything. So Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO) happens always. There is a company named VFS Global. There job is to collect data related to the applicant. The judgment comes across those data and documents I have submitted. So when I submit for visa time to time, they update those records and keep them saved for next time. But how it will be if there are mistakenly added data?

Now I have been refused 5 times and all of them are NATO countries. I have traveled many other countries and there were nothing wrong with their visa. I know some bad people violate immigration law, but is 100% bad in this world?

This will not be forgotten and will not be hidden from public

There are many South Asian entrepreneurs who wanna work with NATO countries. South Asian regions are not rich like most of NATO countries but that doesn’t mean we want to live there forever. Your law is like a Captcha code in a login page. You want to filter bad people but your filtering algorithm is affecting a lot of innocent travelers too badly.

I am going to spread my experience all over the world and this is not to fight for my visa. Because, I know a visa is not a right. But as a human, I must be able to travel in this Earth before I die. If a government doesn’t want me to visit them, it means I am separated from this globalism and they treat me like a criminal. So even I am a fan of Mr. Donald Trump, his words resounds in my head everyday.

They refused my visa because,
I am from a $hit-hole country? :(

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