It’s really hard taking her

rama krishna

Actually, It’s really hard taking her, If she had a long relationship with someone. Even you love her so much, that love doesn’t mean to her anything, any more. So first, stop loving her. Start learning her. Do whatever she needs. But do not disturb her. She needs no partner, but she needs a solution.

Just imagine a girl who is 25 years old. She had a love affair for 2 years with a boy she knew very well. Then we start calculations in a logical way. Considering,

  • Capacity of one memory block in her mind = 1 day
  • Her age is 25 and her total memory = 9125 days (365 x 25)
  • The Ex-Boy’s memories = 730 days (365 x 2)
  • Total percentage of her life = 8%

Let say, I meet her suddenly and I really like that girl. So I start talking to her. She is cute, talking nice, like an angel. Then I fall in love with her. But I forget one important thing. My love is selfish.

  1. Why should she love me? I am a stranger.
  2. Why should she call me even she has my number? Who the hell I am?
  3. She is in a pain somehow, some way. So why she need more problems?

Then, I start to cry alone. Nobody see me. and I feel,

 Oh god! I met my dream girl. She is really beautiful. But god! you don’t give me her soul. You never made me a soul mate. I am alone again … I wanna die …

But, start thinking logically. Stop using heart when you start the relationship. Look at the calculation before.

  • My memories in her mind = 2 days
  • Total percentage = 0.02% (2/9125 x 100% )

Just look at the number. It is very low and it is nothing. Now what I have to do?

  1. Meet/Talk her everyday and increase my percentage. Day by day, her Ex-boy’s memory percentage go down logically. So, do not remind her past never … ever .. forever ..
  2. Again, do not remind her past. Past is past. She cannot change it. Reminding her past is like killing with kindness. Do not use  heart. Use brain, day by day, I can gift her memories.
  3. I never ask her loving me because I love her. I know she had bad memories in her life. She wanted to love someone, but it was not good. Why I take her to same situation again? I keep silent. And never ask for love. But I try to fill her with good memories.

If she need me as a friend, she will keep talking to me. Otherwise, she will react like “I don’t like chatting”. Then what I do is, do not bother her. Love is not taking … love is giving something … so I give her what she needs. I might drop few tears down but all the time I can feel …

I really loved her so much … At least, I didn’t break her heart …


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