Twin Towers in Malaysia

twin towers

Twin Towers, I never thought it will be a wonderful place. Because, I saw a lot of bad reviews about this place. Specially, about pickpockets. Anyway, I went there and had a great time. It was my second day in Malaysia. My friend, Frannie Chin told me to go there and see the architecture. Thanks to her and her boy friend Gary. It was cool!

The lonely backpacker walked along the paths and watched a bunch of amazing creations. Water park was one of the greatest. I was thinking,

What the heck, I am still alone. Why I cannot find a nice woman. Am I unlucky?

But finally I felt, “yes I am alone because she is not near here” … I was looking for here KL too. No luck. I remember once my Korean friend told me.

Dude! why are you more about yourself? Think about other people. Don’t always be YOURS

Then I decided to think about other people. I tried to help people. It was a good feeling but finally, most of them treated me bad. I tried to help a trainee web developer in my office. I thought he can be a nice guy. After seeing his secret games inside my office, I understood,

There are people we must let go away … when we help them, they try to capture our everything …

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