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In 2015,  I started to study astrology to build a software. After all, I found a lot of secrets inside the astrology. I do not wanna keep them as my secrets, because I don’t know when I die. So I write all of my secrets in my blog before I die. But please note that Astrology is my hobby. Not my business!

Understanding Three Main Signs

You have a birthday with an exact time. Time is something very mysterious. If you know your birth time, I am sure my lesson will be easy for you. What are those three main signs?

  1. Ascendant Sign: The star sign(zodiac sign) that was in Eastern sky when you are born.
  2. Moon Sign: The star sign where the Moon was at that time.
  3. Sun Sign: The star sign where the Sun was at that time.

Actually, our earth rotates around the sun, also it rotates itself. Relatively, we see the sky is rotating around us. Because we are on earth. Do not misunderstand this. Just think as the sky rotates around us. And there are few important points.

  • The sky has 360º degrees and It rotates with time.
  • It never goes backward. It means, this moment never comes back.
  • There are 7 visible planets and 2 invisible planets, that are very near to us.
  • There are 12 zodiac signs and each has 30º degrees area in sky.

Just look at the figure shown below.

Learn Astrology

On above figure, You can see 12 zodiac signs. Just imagine a baby who is born at that time. His Sun Sign is Gemini. His Moon Sign is Aquarius. An specially, his ascendant is Libra.

About Ascendant Sign

If you want to get accurate predictions about the person like, profession, marriage, financial, education, nature, etc, you must read his main chart (map) based on Ascendant. Ascendant is all about his life from birth to death. And please understand below points,

  • Two people can have same birthday, but their Ascendant can be different.
  • Two people can have same Ascendant if they are born in same time.
  • Normally ascendant changes every 2 hours (not exactly, around 2 hours).
  • The ascendant has a degree which is 0-30º.


What is Sun Sign

Sun represents the soul in astrology. If you need to predict about someone’s Soul, Moral, Vision, Leadership, etc, You have to read his/her horoscope(astro map) that based on Sun Sign. But this can give you a lot of wrong information, if you do not consider his/her ascendant. Please look at the picture below.

sun signs

Just imagine a small boy who is born on 31st July. His Sun Sign will be Leo. So you are gonna predict,

  • “He has a lion heart”,
  • “He will be a leader”.
  • “He loves his family/friends a lot”
  • “He has a clear vision and he will only surrender to his wife”

But this prediction is totally stupid. Everyone cannot get a Lion Heart easily. If you make decisions by considering the Sun Sign and other planets, you are more in to predict lies. Normally Sun takes 30 days to move from one sign to another. But what about Moon?


Moon Sign is the best!

The moon represents the mind, emotions, thoughts, caring ability, and specially love (not lust). When we look after the compatibility of a couple, we always look after the Moon chart. Moon takes only 2.5 days to move from one sign to another. We need special mathematical calculation to get someone’s Moon Chart. Please note the points below,

  • The best moon sign is Cancer. Very powerful position for spiritual people.
  • Female can learn their periods using Moon chart that is based in moon sign.
  • You can find fortunate/lucky days using moon chart.
  • You can find compatibility of a couple using moon signs.

This is my first article and hope you will like my astrology section. If you still don’t know your Ascendant, Sun Sign and Moon Sign, please contact me with your birthday and time with exact location (town/country). I will send you your signs with planetary charts (map) for free. Please comment your ideas also!


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